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Presentation: Pouch Of 100 MG Spirulina Powder
Dose: 500 MG Powder Daily (1 TSP) With Juice/ Smoothie/ Porridge or Shakes At Breakfast


  • 100% Organic Pure & Vegan Product With 70% Vegan Protein

  • Tasteless & Odorless Powder. Combines With All Diet Options

  • Best Natural Multivitamin For All Your Daily Nutritional Requirements

  • Richest Source Of Natural B-Vitamins

  • Contains 8 Times More Iron Than Spinach

  • Best Source Of Natural Omega 3 & 8


  • Is Spirulina Powder safe ?
    Yes. Organic Spirulina Powder is very safe. In fact the Protein in Organic Spirulina is very pure & gentle on the body making it very safe to use. Organic Spirulina is also known as the ‘Secret Superfood Of Celebrities’ & endorsed by several celebrities worldwide for its exceptional health benefits.
  • Which is the best way to use or consume Spirulina Powder  ?
    Spirulina is a Tasteless & Odourless. Therefore there a infinite fun ways of consuming it without compromising on your taste buds. You can consume your daily dose of Spirulina Powder with a glass of Juice, Coconut Water, Smoothie, Energy Drinks, Dalia, Cornflakes, Oat Meals, Porridge etc daily at breakfast. You can even mix it with the flour for making roti, breads, cakes, Gujia, or combine it easily with your favourite snacks. The green color will add a dash of health to all that you can create.
  • What are the health benefits of Organic Spirulina Powder?
    Spirulina is often referred to as the ‘The Most Powerful Food On Earth’ & also as the ‘Secret Super Food Of Celebrities’. Organic Spirulina Powder is a concentrated form of energy & loaded with all essential nutritional elements like Proteins, B-Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Iron, Calcium, Omega-6 & 8 along with many other trace minerals which are needed by the human body to function at optimum levels. It is also high on dietary fibre & low on Sugar, making Organic Spirulina a great product for Weight loss, Hair loss, Iron deficiency or as a Natural multivitamin or to fill nutritional gaps in your fitness goals. Organic Spirulina Powder fills in all the blanks of essentials dietary nutrients required by the human body in day to day routines or fitness goals. Organic Spirulina is a one-stop solution a complete multivitamin option that is completely vegan, natural & contains all the essential nutritional goodies that your body need to remain in the pink of health.
  • Who can take Spirulina Powder ?
    Organic Spirulina Powder are suitable for both Men & Women of any age. Being high in Protein, Vitamins, Iron etc, it is a great inclusion for people looking at losing weight, hair loss, low energy, iron deficiency or to fill in the blanks in their diet.
  • Can Spirulina be used for Weight Loss?
    Yes. Organic Spirulina helps in your weight loss very effectively. Being a very powerful source of natural & Vegan protein, it supplements the body with all the nutritional vitamins & elements essential for weight loss targets. You can get in touch with our free patient support service to answer your further clarifications.
  • Can Spirulina be used for Hair Loss?
    Yes. Organic Spirulina is a great product for Hair loss. One of the major reasons for hair loss is deficiency of Iron, Folic Acid & Biotin. In fact Organic Spirulina contains 8 times more Iron than Spinach. Organic Spirulina is a very rich source of these elements which makes it a great product for hair loss prevention & strengthening hair roots with a dose of 500 GM (1 Teaspoon Full) Spirulina Powder daily at breakfast.
  • Why are certain Spirulina products cheaper?
    Spirulina is cultivated over water & not on land. This makes it prone to various impurities, contamination, hard metals etc depending upon the quality of water being used. To qualify as being ‘Organic’ Spirulina has to have very highly controlled environment of cultivation & processing to ensure the purest form of Spirulina for the best results as a supplement. Most cheaper products do not follow these highly demanding & expensive processes to cut costs and therefore can contain heavy metals or impurities. Such products can be harmful
  • How are Skytag’s Spirulina Powder better than other products?
    Skytag’s Spirulina is a 100% Organic & Pure product. It has all the world class quality certifications like Ecocert, USDA Organics Certification, FSSC 22000, Control Union Certification, IN-BIO 149, to assure you the highest known world class quality. These quality certifications also assure you that the product does not have any contamination of Heavy Metals, herbicides, pesticides & is Non-Irradiated. Any Spirulina product which does not meet the above criteria’s must never be used due to safety concerns.
  • In what all forms is Spirulina available?
    Spirulina is available as Capsules, Powder & even Powder form. Capsules can be Veg or Non Veg in availability. Most cheap brands are available in Non-Veg Capsules and can be even made with Gelatin. Powder do not have any such confusion, are vegan in addition to being tasteless & odourless, making it easier to consume.
  • How much Spirulina Powder can I consume daily ?
    Spirulina is a very safe product. The daily dose of Spirulina will vary upon your nutritional or fitness goals. It can be safely consumed up to 10 GRAMS per day, which amounts to 20 Teaspoons of 500 mg daily in comparative quantification. However most of your daily nutritional needs can be met with a dose of 500 to 2000 Grams Powder daily. ( 1 to 4 Teaspoons Full)
  • How long will my pack of Spirulina Powder last ?
    The normal recommended daily dose of Spirulina is 500 mg to 2 Grams Per day, for which 1-4 Teaspoons of Spirulina Powder daily are perfect, depending on your health goal or requirement. You can easily adjust your daily dose from 1 to 4 Tea Spoon Full Powder safely. So 1 pack of Skytag’s Spirulina Powder will last you for around 15 to 20 days for normal use easily.
  • Can Spirulina be used in Children?
    Yes Spirulina can be safely used in children above 12 years of age to meet their body’s growing nutritional needs, with a dose of 1 to 2 Teaspoons of Spirulina Powder daily with breakfast.





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