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Presentation: Bottle Of 60 VEGAN CAPSULES of 400 MG Each
Dose: 1 Capsule Daily With Water At Breakfast


  • Also known worldwide as a ‘SUPER-TONIC’.

  • Powerhouse of time tested energy, vitality, virility & sterility, proven for over 2000 years

  • Great stamina & intimate health benefits for both Men & Women

  • Keeps your mind & body in perfect harmony

  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant Effect for great ‘Anti-Aging’ benefits

  • Strengthens & boosts Immune System

  • Highest source of ‘GENSENOSIDE’ (20%) for loading you with 24 hours of non-stop energy

  • Highest levels of ‘COMPOUND-K’ for a wonderful skin. Improves skin tone, quality &; texture


  • Who can take Red Korean Ginseng Capsules ?
    Red Korean Ginseng is suitable for both Men & Women. Red Korean Ginseng offers wonderful & exceptional health benefits to both. The positive effects of this wonder tonic & elixir of youthfulness are known since innumerable years & have been documented since around past 2000 years. The demand for this wonderful product is skyrocketing across the world & it is a very loved supplement due to its overall effects as a power house of energy & vitality.
  • What are the main benefits of Red Korean Ginseng in Men?
    Men have been using Red Korean Ginseng over centuries. It is a time-tested & proven as supplement for improving Overall health, wellness & fitness. It is also proven to have a very positive effect in improving intimate stamina, desire, performance, stay time, vitality, virility & sterility in men. You can get in touch with our free patient support service to answer your further clarifications.
  • What are the main benefits of Red Korean Ginseng in Women?
    Red Korean Ginseng offers excellent benefits in women. It is a very powerful anti-oxidant because of which it has great ‘Anti-Ageing’ properties. It is because of this quality that is helps immensely to enhance Skin Quality & Texture significantly. Red Korean Ginseng also offers wonderful benefits in intimate health in women, as it helps to significantly improve arousal & achieve peak levels of pleasure. You can get in touch with our free patient support service to answer your further clarifications.
  • Is Red Korean Ginseng safe to use?
    Yes. Red Korean Ginseng is very safe to use. It works wonderfully well for both Males & Females. However patients who are on Blood Thinners like Warfarin etc should take their doctors consultation before starting Red Korean Ginseng or any other new supplement or medication.
  • How long does it take to experience the benefits of Red Korean Ginseng?
    Red Korean Ginseng is a health supplement & not a medicine. You should be able to start experiencing the positive benefits of Red Korean Ginseng after 2 weeks of consistent consumption.
  • How many capsules of Red Korean Ginseng can I consume daily ?
    Ginseng is a very safe product. The daily dose of Spirulina will vary upon your personal, nutritional or intimate health goals. It can be safely consumed with a dose of 1 capsule of 400 mg per day. You can consider starting this product with an initial dose of 1 capsule morning & evening for the first 2 weeks & then reducing to 1 capsule daily at breakfast with water.
  • Which is the best way to use Red Korean Ginseng Capsules?
    The best way to consume Red Korean Ginseng is with a glass of water daily at breakfast.
  • Can Red Korean Ginseng be used in Diabetics?
    Yes. Red Korean Ginseng is great for Diabetics. It helps to improve insulin sensitivity & also helps to reduce the dosage of the medicines in Diabetes, besides providing good energy all day long.
  • Can Red Korean Ginseng be used in Children?
    No type of Ginseng should be used in children.
  • What are the indications for using Red Korean Ginseng Capsules?
    Some of the indications for using Red Korean Ginseng are for improving & significantly enhancing Energy/ Vitality/ Sterility/ Fitness Schedules/ Weight Loss Programs/ Loss Of Energy/ Tiredness/ Fatigue/ Anorexia/ Anemia/ Gymming/ Body Building/ Boosting Your Immune System/ Nutritional Deficiencies/ Hectic Daily Routines/ Energetic Daily Schedules/ Dietary Gaps/ Anti-Ageing benefits & to Improve Skin Tone, Quality & Texture
  • Why are certain Ginseng products cheaper? What is the main difference?
    There are a total of around 13 species of Ginseng available the world over. Some of the more common & easily available forms of Ginseng are Chinese Ginseng, which is heavily cultivated to meet the ever growing demand for Ginseng worldwide. However due to extensive cultivation Chinese Ginseng does not offer the effect which it is famous for, being highly commercialized. The most potent & effective Ginseng is Red Korean Ginseng, which needs around 6 years for one crop to mature. This therefore makes it a rare product, offering unmatched effects that Ginseng is so well known for worldwide. This however this rarity also increases the price of Red Korean Ginseng over other commonly available brands.
  • How are Skytag’s Red Korean Ginseng Capsules better than other products?
    Skytag’s Red Korean Ginseng Capsules are available in the purest form of 100% Pure & Original Red Korean Ginseng. This product has the highest concentration of the 2 main ingredients which give the effect that Ginseng is so well known for. These are ‘GENSENOSIDE’ & ‘COMPOUND-K’. The high concentration of these two critical components give the key effects so well associated with Red Korean Ginseng. No other commonly available Ginseng products can match the effect of Skytag’s Red Korean Ginseng.
  • How long will my pack of use Red Korean Ginseng Capsules last ?
    Skytag’s Red Korean Ginseng is a pack of 60 Vegan Capsules. The normal recommended daily dose of Red Korean Ginseng is 1 Capsule Per day. You can adjust your daily dose till 2 capsules daily safely. So 1 pack of Skytag’s Red Korean Ginseng will last you for around 2 months easily





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