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Spirulina: The Best Natural Multivitamin for Men and Women

We must have heard this many a time, ‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place where you have to live. The saying sounds good & very true. But do we really treat our bodies like our most precious possession? Serious professionals, be it notable professionals, politicians, or big business owners rarely get to fall ill. Are they ever in the news for poor health? This is mainly because they invest a lot of serious amount of time, effort & money on their health. They understand fully well that without physical fitness, their professional competency will be completely meaningless. Of course, it’s a different thing if God has other plans for them.

The Nutritional Fact of Multivitamin 

Most of the time, we relate supplements with multivitamin tablets for men or for women. In general, it has been observed that Men are generally looking for all-in-one options, like multivitamin tablets, while women a generally focused on iron and folic acid tablets or calcium and vitamin D3 tablets.

For a healthy body, the most essential element is a healthy diet. However, due to large-scale commercialization in farming & cash crop culture for quick money, the diet today has a lot of essential elements getting compromised in them, robbing them of most of their nutritional value thereby leaving a lot of blanks that are most difficult to fill, in our essential daily nutritional requirement which is so essential for a healthy & energetic body.

The nutritional fact, therefore, is that while there may be awareness on the health part, there is still a lack of clarity on what is right & what to do for a complete nutritional solution.

What’s The Way Out- Multivitamin for Men & Women?

Nature has a solution for every problem. While we keep looking for elements like the best multivitamins for men, vitamin D capsules, iron, and folic acid tablets, calcium and vitamin D3 tablets, vitamins and minerals or vitamins for bones, nature has a perfect option in the form of a wonder supplement called ‘SPIRULINA’. Ever heard the name? Maybe yes, maybe no. But all said and done, Spirulina is a 100% supplement that contains all the essential nutrients your body needs to fill in all the gaps in your nutrition. Let us see how?

Rich in Calcium, all B-Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Omega-3, Omega-6, Protein, and Iron, while being high on dietary fiber & low on Sugar, Spirulina is a one-stop solution a complete multivitamin option that is completely vegan, natural & contains all the essential nutritional goodies that your body need to remain in the pink of health. No wonder Spirulina is also known as the ‘Secret Superfood of Celebrities’ and a ‘Nutritional Secret Of The Elite’.

Organic Spirulina Vs Calcium Vitamin D3 & Folic Acid Supplement For Men And Women

Organic Spirulina is a wonderful & completely natural product that contains all the essential elements in a completely well-balanced form. While we keep looking for Calcium Tablets, Vitamins for bones, Vitamin D3 capsules or Vitamin D3 tablets, iron and folic acid, etc, Spirulina is incredibly high in calcium with over 26 times the calcium in milk, making it a perfect natural option for healthy bones, both for growth & maintenance. This calcium content is much more than the calcium content in yogurt or vegetables.

Not only this, Spirulina has a very high concentration of Vitamin B12 also known as Folic Acid, which further contributes to great bone health while helping to maintain healthy levels of Iron inside the body, all in a natural & non-synthetic form.

Spirulina Vs Iron And Folic Acid Capsules / Tablets

It is a well-known fact that Women need more Iron supplementation, unlike men due to their body type. However synthetic iron formulations available in the market today come with a host of problems like constipation, poor tolerance, nausea, etc. Doctors recommend different types of iron supplements like tablets, capsules, chewable forms, or iron combinations with folic acid. However, the tolerance issues with these drugs remain unresolved to date.

Whenever we talk of natural iron options, the first option that comes to mind is Spinach. Spinach has been renowned for it’s rich iron content over the years and even children relate Spinach with ‘Popeye The Sailor Man, who supplements himself with Spinach before every tough fight or situation. Remember?

You’ll be surprised to know that Organic Spirulina contains 58 times more Iron than Spinach. So, take that and become your Popeye in a situation where your body needs strength & iron to keep your Hemoglobin levels smiling. Want more? Don’t forget looking for the best iron and folic acid tablets. As you just learned, Spirulina is also a rich source of Vitamin B12 also known as Folic Acid. So here you have it, a super combination of not only Iron & Folic Acid but also a combination of Calcium & Vitamin D3 to meet all your core & essential dietary requirements.

How to Consume Organic Spirulina?

For any supplement to be effective, the dose & way of consuming it makes a major difference. The most precise way of consuming Spirulina is in Tablets, as they provide precise dosing & are 100% Vegan, unlike Capsules which can carry the green or red dot.


The recommended daily dose of Spirulina is 2 GM Daily (2000 MG) which works up to 4 Tablets of Spirulina 500 MG.


The best way to consume Spirulina Tablets is 30 minutes before breakfast with water. Alternatively, since Spirulina is Odorless & Tasteless, you can also Crush the tablets & mix them along with your favorite Smoothie, Juices, or Health drinks and enjoy them without altering taste or flavor.


Organic Spirulina is safe even up to 10 GM’s daily which can work out to 20 Tablets a day. However, these requirements are mainly for highly demanding situations requiring high Natural Protein Supplementation like bodybuilding or weight management.

PRECAUTIONS: In case you are suffering from any health condition or are on prescription medications, it is always advisable to start every supplement only under advice from your treating doctor.

So now that you know all about the exceptional nutritional benefits of Organic Spirulina & how it can benefit your health positively, go ahead & order your pack today and supplement your body with needed Calcium, Vitamin D3, Iron, Vitamin B12 and live a healthy life with the best multivitamin supplement that nature has on offer.

So don’t wait for it just orders now and experience the unparalleled benefits of this wonderful & natural multivitamin suitable for both men & women.

Stay Happy, Stay Health.

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