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Red Korean Ginseng & its Exceptional Benefits in Women

Ginseng is a herb known for over 2000 years. Its effect on sexual arousal in men was discovered accidentally. The effect was so profound that the words about this herb and its great benefits for sexual arousal & sexual performance spread very fast. Today Ginseng is known & acknowledged worldwide for not only its wonderful effects as a sex stimulant. But there are also a lot of other health benefits that it offers in addition to the only factor that made it so famous across the world.

While sexual arousal & performance has been considered the sole privilege of males only, women have been becoming more & more aware & vocal about their physical desires & needs in recent years. While most research & work in terms of sexual arousal has been focused on males only, due to a greater market for such products, the research has now been shifting more towards the physical needs of the fairer sex in the recent few years.

A study was conducted on 32 menopausal women in 2010 to understand the effect of Red Korean Ginseng, the most potent form of Ginsengs, on sexual arousal in women.  The purpose of this study was to assess & know if Red Korean Ginseng could improve sexual functions in women using Red Korean Ginseng extract orally. The efficacy of red Korean ginseng was measured using ‘Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) and Global Assessment Questionnaire (GAQ). 28 women completed the study & it was concluded that oral administration of Red Korean Ginseng extract (KRG) has a positive role to play in improving the sexual life of women.

This possible effect is the ability of Red Korean Ginseng to promote the production of Nitric Oxide within the body thereby increasing blood flow to relax the clitoral muscles & the vaginal smooth muscles enabling better arousal & improved sexual life.

Several such studies have been conducted worldwide to understand the benefits of Red Korean Ginseng in women & the results have been very heartening. So cheer up women, Red Korean Ginseng is great for you too & not just men.

Red Korean Ginseng for Smooth Skin?

Red Korean Ginseng has a bonus benefit. It’s a wonderful supplement for smooth & supple skin. Red Korean Ginseng contains an element called ‘Ginsenosides’. This is an element that has a very prominent role to play for younger & great-looking skin. Ginsenosides have a wonderful role to play as a very powerful anti-oxidant, in slowing down aging & preventing the loss of precious collagen inside the skin, thereby maintaining good skin elasticity & firmness.

Not only this, the Ginsenosides in Red Korean Ginseng supplement the skin with precious & natural Vitamin D & Vitamin B12, which are extremely essential elements for maintaining & enhancing skin texture, and smoothness & reducing wrinkles.

So additionally, Red Korean Ginseng nourishes your skin from within unlike creams, lotions or serums which can be applied only externally. Well, that makes another reason to consider & include Red Korean Ginseng as your daily dose of the essential supplement.

Types Of Ginsengs Available & Which One Is The Best?

Several types of Ginsengs are available in the market today. Chinese, American, Asian, Siberian, so on & so forth. The variants are many & the confusion is immense. Let’s cut through the clutter and focus on what actually matters.

Every form of Ginseng available has a variable level of ‘Active Ingredients’ which gives the effect that Ginseng is so widely known & acknowledged for. This difference comes from the number of years it has taken to harvest the Ginseng, which can vary from 1 to 6 years. While most varieties are harvested before 4 years, Red Korean Ginseng is the only form that can be harvested after 6 years.

This makes a major difference in the active ingredients & their concentration of key active ingredients which translate into the health benefits of Ginseng that is so well known for. These 2 significant compounds are Ginsenosides & Gintonin. The amount of concentration of these 2 key ingredients makes the difference between the effect & the price of the Ginseng that you buy. Higher the level of Ginsenosides & Gintonin, better the effect & higher the price.

Red Korean Ginseng has the highest levels & percentage of Ginsenosides & Gintonin in it. It, therefore, offers the best effects & results compared to any other form of Ginseng. So if you want ‘Value for Money, Red Korean Ginseng is what you should consider for yourself.

How To Consume Red Korean Ginseng & Precautions?

Red Korean Ginseng is very safe to use. Being the most potent & effective form of Ginseng, the daily requirement of Red Korean Ginseng is 400 MG daily. To derive the health benefits if any health supplement, it is always advisable to consume them long-term & consistently.

So, to ensure continuity of supplementation, a fixed time of consuming it is always recommended, as this helps to avoid missing the daily dose & harvesting the full benefits of what you are looking for yourself. Most supplements are water soluble & get washed out of the body very soon. Missing a dose makes you miss on the consistency advantage too.

So keep a fixed time for consuming your daily dose of Red Korean Ginseng. One capsule of 400 MG of Red Korean Ginseng daily, 30-45 minutes after breakfast can be perfect timing. You can have it with water as it ensures proper absorption inside the body.

Please also keep in mind that If you are fighting any health condition or are on prescription medications, it is best advisable to start every health supplement only after due consultation with your doctor. Red Korean Ginseng should be avoided if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, any form of Ginseng should be avoided if you are on any type of blood thinners.

So now that you know all that you need to know about the benefits of Red Korean Ginseng, go ahead & order your pack of 100% Pure & Original Red Korean Ginseng Capsules today and start pampering your desires & your skin right away.

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