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How To Buy The Best Quality Spirulina tablets Online?

Whenever someone talks of a vegetarian supplement rich in natural proteins, loaded with vitamins, highly nutritious, high on Omega 3 & Omega 6, richer than Spinach in Iron, an excellent source of Vitamins-A, B, C, D, E, Low on Sugar, Rich in Dietary Fibre & still very safe to use, there is one name which qualifies to all these descriptions, SPIRULINA. Loaded with all these nutrients in high value, safe to use, and still being Vegan and full of natural fiber, all these exceptional health benefits compressed in one, make Spirulina truly a World-class Superfood. No wonder all these qualities of Spirulina have been used for benefits by the elite & famous around the world for their health benefits over the years. No wonder Spirulina today is known as the Superfood Of Celebrities.


But do you know that Spirulina is not a plant, but an Algae which is grown over water? It is also known across the world as the ‘Blue Green Algae’ due to its colour which seems deep bluish green. Since Spirulina grows over water, a lot depends upon the environment where it grows. It is obvious, that if the environment where Spirulina will grow is polluted or not adequately clean the same will pass on to the final product. It is therefore of utmost importance that the environment where Spirulina grows is clean & fit for human cultivation else the pollutants & hard metals in the water & soil will be part of the Spirulina that you will consume.


Today there are farms where Spirulina is grown & cultivated. A few of these farms use very clean & purified water free from pollutants & hard metals. These farms are spread out in acres, using a process of filtration of water to keep it clean & controlled so that the final Spirulina product that you get does not have these dangerous elements within it. It is also of equal importance that insecticides or pesticides are not used during Spirulina cultivation as these can cause extreme harm to your health if you consume such a product long term.


So have you ever wondered why there is such a great variation in prices of Spirulina. Talking of India, today you have products available on various forms like Capsules, Tablets, Powders etc. these products can be in the range of Rs 150 to Rs 800 for a pack of 100 or 120 Capsules or Tablets. Do you know the reason for this extreme price difference? The difference is in the cultivation, harvesting & processing of Spirulina. A fully controlled process of growing Spirulina without any insecticides, or pesticides in a clean quality controlled environment & processing to create the final product will definitely cost a little more unlike a routinely or casually grown wild product.

The key issue which will now come to your mind will be, How do I know if my product of Spirulina is cultivated, harvested & processed with the best of the processes & practices? The answer is simple. Any Spirulina to be safe for long term use must conform to the highest international norms set for such a health product. Just mentioning the product as 100% safe & natural does not suffice to make the product as fit for long term use. The product must be certified as 100% Organic & 100% Pure. In addition to substantiate the claim of being 100% organic look for international manufacturing site certifications like: USDA, ECOSERT, Control Union Certification, KOSHER Certification, IN-BIO 149 Certification, FSSC 22000 Certification & India Organics Certification. These are all International auditing & certifying agencies renowned the world over to assure that a high-profile product like Spirulina is 100% Safe, 100% Organic and can be used long-term in humans without any side effects, besides containing all its famed ingredients in its natural form. There are only a few Spirulina products available in India with all these world class certifications since this requires very rigorous & uncompromising quality control systems which most manufacturers are not able to adhere to. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Best Quality Spirulina tablets Online


Today the world has become a compact market with everything available to you online at the click of a button on your device. Various online sites like AMAZON, FLIPKART & also a few companies sell their Spirulina brands online. Sitting in the comfort of your house, you can easily buy your brand of Spirulina online. But whenever you order Spirulina online, look for the 100% Pure & Organic assurance. Not only this, also confirm if the Spirulina product you are about to buy Spirulina tablets online has all the certifications as shared above. Once you have verified all the certifications, only then trust the product for yourself. Do not compromise on your health especially if you are considering a health product for your personal consumption. There may be some price variation, however, if you are getting an Organic & pure product with all International quality assurance & safety certification, you should consider it as a ‘Value For Money’ product without further debate. Remember, Cheap products can be very expensive in the long run. After all, your ‘Body Temple’  is not an experimental ground for cheap products without any certification, credentials or confirmation for the highest known quality.

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