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Best 24 FAQs On Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – Role Of Cranberry

Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs as we mostly know them can be very stubborn & discomforting. Their experience has been described as being equivalent to ‘Extreme Discomfort & Urinating Fire’. Repeated tests, strong medications & several visits to the doctors don’t help either in the long term as they keep coming back again & again. Today let us try to understand a few FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions on managing UTIs effectively & naturally.

FAQ-1: At which age do UTIs occur?

UTIs can occur in any age. Their advent starts at a younger age when a child just starts crawling & move around on the floor. Many a time since toddlers are not in Nappies or Diapers, they are in direct contact with the floor which is a minefield of several infections. So, toddlers especially the girl child are highly prone to getting hold of UTI at this stage.

UTIs happen commonly in adults as well. Women are more prone to developing UTIs in comparison to men. As per data available, 50% of women do experience UTI at least once in their lifetime. Urinary Tract Infections can happen at any age but are seen to be more prevalent in the younger age or even after the age of 50.

FAQ-2: Who is prone to contacting UTI? Males or Females?

UTIs are 4 times more common in females than in males. In the younger age, the girl child is more prone to contacting UTI due to the shape & placement of their urinary opening. Moreover, since the distance between the Urinary opening & rectum is less, females are more prone to developing UTIs.

FAQ-3: What causes UTI?

Some of the common causes of UTI in both males & females are: poor urinary area hygiene & cleaning from back to front after using the toilet, drinking less water, unprotected sexual contact, anal sex, diabetes, kidney stones, urine bag in certain medical conditions in both males & females, prostrate in men. Patients undergoing radiation therapy or those having conditions of low immunity are also highly prone to developing UTIs.

FAQ-4: What microorganism or bacteria causes UTI?

80% of UTIs are caused by a bacteria known as E.Coli (Escherichia Coli). For this reason, E.Coli is also known as an ‘Uro Pathogen’.

FAQ-5: What are the symptoms of UTI?

UTIs are characterized by a feeling of pain in the lower abdomen, close to the Urinary outlet. It is also known to cause irritation of the urinary lining leading to a feeling of ‘Chilies or Fire’ while urinating. This can be accompanied by fever at times & overall tiredness. In addition to pain while urinating, it can also be accompanied by a frequent urge to urinate, urge but an inability to urinate, slow urination, urine leakage, sudden need to urinate, blood in urine, and cloudy urine with odor.

FAQ-6: How is UTI diagnosed?

UTI is initially diagnosed with physical diagnosis or symptoms described by the patient to the doctor. It is confirmed by the doctor recommending you for a Urine sample or tests to confirm the presence of UTI as urinary discomfort can also happen due to dietary reasons or as a side effect of any strong medicines that you may be taking.

FAQ-7: How is the antibiotic or medicine for UTI decided?

UTIs can be very tricky to handle as the bacteria cause them to keep evolving & becoming more resistant to antibiotics with the passage of time. Therefore, your doctor can recommend a ‘Culture & Sensitivity Test’ with your Urine sample & accordingly decide which antibiotic or medicine will be most effective against the bacteria bothering you.

FAQ-8: What is a ‘Culture & Sensitivity Test?

The Culture & Sensitivity test as the name says is a test conducted on your urine sample. This test generally takes 72 Hours to complete as the problem-causing bacteria in your urine is isolated & grown in a lab in a good number. It is then tested with various drugs or antibiotics to see which one will be most effective against the bacteria bothering you. Accordingly, the lab report shares the list of antibiotics which will be most effective against the bacteria that your urinary tract is infested with. Based on this report & your physical condition, the doctor will decide the best-suited medicine for you.

FAQ-9: Can UTI be permanently cured?

UTIs can be very persistent, stubborn, and have a habit of coming back again & again. This property is known as a ‘relapse’. The reasons for relapse can be many, however, one main reason for relapse is the ability of E.Coli to stick inside the Urinary Tract and its constant evolution, leading to ‘Drug Resistance’ because of which many antibiotics are not able to eradicate it.

FAQ-10: How can I avoid UTI?

Since Urinary Tract Infections mainly occur due to poor urinary area hygiene, unprotected sex, and diabetes it is therefore advisable to maintain good hygiene of the urinary area after urinating. One of the best ways to avoid UTIs in women or men is to wash the urinary area front to back to avoid contamination from the anal area. Also, it is advisable to urinate after sexual contact although it is best to have protected sexual contact.

FAQ-11: Is there any way to avoid the recurrence of UTI?

Yes. Cranberry has been found to be an effective way to avoid the recurrence of UTIs. Out of these American Cranberry has been found to be most effective in countering recurrent Urinary Tract Infections.

FAQ-12: How does American Cranberry help to avoid recurrent UTIs?

American Cranberry has been found to be very rich in a compound called Proanthocyanidins also known as PAC. These Proanthocyanidins have been found to be very effective in not allowing the primary UTI-causing bacteria E.Coli to stick to the mucosal (inner) lining of the urinary tract. Therefore, regular use of American Cranberry has been found to be highly effective & helpful in preventing the recurrence of Urinary Tract Infections.

FAQ-13: Are all Cranberry products equally effective against protection against UTIs?

No. The levels of Proanthocyanidins may differ from one product or manufacturer to another. American Cranberry has the highest levels of Proanthocyanidins in it, making it most effective against UTIs. The best products should have a Proanthocyanidins content of 100 mg per dose (20% PAC) at least to be effective.

FAQ-14: How much is the best dose of American Cranberry to be effective against UTIs?

A 500 MG capsule of American Cranberry if Pure & Original should offer at least 100 mg Proanthocyanidins (20%) for best results. A Vegan Capsule should be preferred.

FAQ-15: Who can consume American Cranberry Capsules?

American Cranberry Capsules are equally suitable & effective for both men & Women alike. Both can use it effectively.

FAQ-16: Are there any additional American Cranberry capsules benefits?

Yes. American Cranberry is also very rich in Vitamin C, which gives it additional power to fight against all types of infections & enhance the overall body immunity.

FAQ-17: Are Cranberry Juices also effective against Urinary Tract Infections?

Cranberry juices are usually very rich in sugar & are not advisable, especially in diabetics, where UTIs happen more frequently. Moreover, Cranberry Juices for UTIs are not very rich in their content of Proanthocyanidins, making them hardly effective in combating Urinary Tract Infections.

FAQ-18: What is the best dose of American Cranberry Capsules in protecting from Urinary Tract Infections?

If your brand is a pure & original American Cranberry product, a dose of 500 MG daily, 30 to 45 minutes after breakfast, lunch or dinner should be fine.

 FAQ-19: Is it safe to consume American Cranberry Capsules?

Yes. American Cranberry is a very safe product to use. However, patients on blood thinners like Aspirin, Warfarin or any other blood thinner should avoid Cranberry. Every best medicine for UTI or supplement should be taken only under your doctor’s supervision during pregnancy or lactation.

FAQ-20: Which form of American Cranberry is better? Tablets or Capsules?

Any form which assures a pure & original form of American Cranberry & high PAC content is fine. However Capsules may be more effective as the use of binding & compressions tech is avoided in them, keeping their originality intact.

FAQ-21: What is the safest & highest dose of American Cranberry that can be consumed?

Cranberry is safe even up to 1500 MG daily. However, a 500 MG dose of Pure & Original American Cranberry for 6 months is not only precise but also standardized, making it most effective in preventing & fighting UTIs. You can pause for 2 months & restart if you are prone to recurrent UTIs to prevent bacterial buildup in your urinary tract.

FAQ-22: For how long can I consume American Cranberry Capsules safely?

You can safely have American Cranberry in a dose of 500 MG daily for 12 months. You can then take a gap of 6 to 8 weeks and restart if need be.

FAQ-23: How long does American Cranberry take to start showing its effect?

Consistency of dose is of utmost importance for results from any medicine or natural supplement. You will start to feel the benefits of American Cranberry from the 1st month onwards. However, if you are having problems with recurrent UTIs and looking for urinary tract infection treatment, then you will notice a significant reduction of the recurrence of UTIs in you after starting American Cranberry and have great urinary tract health after 3 months.

FAQ-24: What is the best way to control Urinary Tract Infections?

There is no singular way of UTI prevention or controlling. It must be a multi-dimensional approach. Some of the pointers you can keep in mind are as follows, which apply to both Males & Females:

  • Start with keeping your urinary areas clean always.
  • Clean up genitals thoroughly after every visit to the toilet.
  • Always used clean undergarments.
  • Avoid using dirty or un-sanitized public toilets.
  • Keep toilets at home always sparking & disinfected always.
  • Have plenty of liquids.
  • Go for a complete checkup from your doctor in case you contact Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Complete the course of medicines or antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
  • Don’t get into self-medication or recommendations from friends or relations.
  • Avoid unprotected sex.
  • Choose a product of American Cranberry with a high PAC content & add it as a regular part of your daily diet.
  • Avoid Cranberry Juice as they are high in sugar & low on PAC.

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