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Do Height Growth Pills Work?

The Value Of Time & Timely Action

Do height growth pills really work? Nowadays a common question everyone asks who is concerned with height enhancements but the present generation of kids is very different from the earlier crops. They are very comfortable with their bodies. Thin or fat, short or tall, they neither judge nor want to be judged & are by far very comfortable with their own selves. However, as they grow younger, the baggage of peer pressure, self-awareness & expectations appears out of nowhere, in which looking good, maintaining an attractive physique & gaining a good height becomes a necessity or even an urgency. However by then the most precious resource ‘Time’ is long gone.

The height of any child is mostly the average of his or her parents, with a minor variation here & there, with boys being a few centimeters taller & girls a few centimeters lesser than the average mean parental height. However If in case the height of both parents is below average, then, in that case, parents may start to feel a bit anxious or somewhat helpless when it comes to the height of their child.

Parents often ask this question.

At this stage, Which are the best height growth supplements? Which are the height growth pills that really work? Do height growth pills really work?

However, the good news is that if you can Do take care of certain habits & factors, you may just be in time to add on a few more inches to your child’s height. So to cut the big discussion to specifics, the most precious resource that you have in your hands when it comes to your child’s height is, TIME & TIMELY ACTION.

It is important to understand & accept, that the child can only grow to a stage before puberty sets in, which is also the stage when the bones of the body ‘fuse’ and cannot go any further. This stage is known as the ‘Bone Fusion Stage’ which is usually near puberty in both boys & girls.  Any amount of effort once the ‘Bone Fusion’ has taken place, cannot help your child to put on height, irrespective of whatever anybody may claim.

What Makes Children Put On Height?

At this stage, we need to understand that the most important element which is highly instrumental & responsible for growth and height in your child is a hormone called ‘Human Growth Hormone’ also known as HGH. There is a small gland in the brain known as the ‘Pituitary Gland’ which secretes the ‘Human Growth Hormone’ (HGH). The next thing that will now come to your mind will be, “HGH is fine, but how will it help in my child’s growth?”

There are certain conditions and situations when the normal production of the natural Human Growth Hormone in the child’s body can increase. Let us first understand these factors scientifically.

Sleeping & Its Value In Height Increase.

Children nowadays have a lot of distractions around them. To name a few, mobiles, computers, tablets, and television with their stock of endless cartoons & many a time intense academic schedules & studies to deal with. All these compulsions & distractions take a serious toll on a child’s fragile mind. As a consequence children sleep late in night & wake up very early for school. As a consequence, although they may remain energetic, they are never able to complete their quota of sleep of a minimum 8 hours a day. This lack of sleep has an extremely adverse effect on your child’s height.

You may feel at this point as to how can lack of sleep impact my child’s height. The reason for this is very scientific. The brain secretes & releases a very good amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) when the child sleeps. Lack of adequate sleep can affect & reduce the quantity of HGH in your child, thereby depriving him or her of precious inches. So have a very disciplined & balanced routine for your child to ensure a minimum of 8 hours of sound sleep daily.

Physical Activity & Its Role In Height Increase.

You may have noticed, that you get to see a lot of obesity in children nowadays, which was never so in earlier times. The reason for this probably seems that, while children in earlier times used to run around the neighborhood & play with kids in nearby parks or grounds, kids nowadays remain mostly confined to their rooms & are happy to remain engrossed in their gadgets or computers. This exceptional sedentary lifestyle has resulted in children becoming prone to putting on unwanted kilos on them. This is of course bad for their overall health too.

It is a medically confirmed fact, that another stage that is a great trigger for releasing natural HGH in your child is physical activity. More physical activity is the secretion of the body’s natural Human Growth Hormone. Therefore it is important for parents to realize that their child must be exposed to a considerable amount of physical activity like sports, running, jumping, swimming, etc to keep the child in great physical shape. The bonus will be not only giving him or her the advantage of a few extra inches but also great mental focus & competitiveness. You may have even noticed that children active in sports etc have a better height than their peers. You know the reason now.

Do Height Growth Pills or best height growth Supplements Works?

Another key element in your child’s overall health & height in addition to good sleep & physical activity is a balanced high protein-rich diet. In addition to a balanced diet, Vegan & 100% Organic Supplements like Spirulina which are rich in Vegan protein are great to fill in the blanks in your child’s health.

In addition to this, the inclusion of certain time-tested herbs like Giloy, Chandrashoor, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Shatawari, Ashwagandha, and Bala are great herbs with well-documented roles in improving the production & utilization of the body’s natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) thereby having a  good role to play during the child’s overall development in the key growth period.

These herbs are highly instrumental in improving the secretion & utilization of calcium, and body metabolism, in addition to keeping the mind calm, focussed, and anxiety-free, improving overall immunity & fulfilling the requirements of certain micronutrients required during the growing years. So look for a product that is a balanced combination of all these herbs.

So now that you are equipped with all that you need to know about adding a few more inches to your child’s predicted height naturally, help him overshoot that mark & help him Grow Long & Grow Strong.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

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