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Korean Ginseng Benefits | Where to Buy Red Ginseng


SEX! Yes, that’s the word which comes to mind when someone takes the name of GINSENG.

Ginseng is a time tested wonder supplement used for over a 1000 years worldwide . It’s exceptional effectiveness as a supplement to enhance sexual performance, sexual desire, quality of semen, improved retention in men is proven over time. However, Ginseng is much beyond just being a supplement to enhance sexual performance in men. The benefits of Ginseng go much beyond being just an aphrodisiac. And YES, it works great for women too. So unlike the general perception about Ginseng, it’s benefit are great for both Men & Women. Surprised. Aren’t you?  

Ginseng is a powerhouse of energy for overall good health & fitness. Ginseng is acknowledged as a ‘superior tonic’ with great health benefits for both men & women equally. We shall explore the Korean Ginseng benefits for women in greater detail deeper in this blog.  It is also known the world over as a powerhouse of overall energy & vitality. But there is another wonderful aspect & effect of Ginseng, which very few are aware of. A wonder supplement for great SKIN.

Ginseng has a wonderful role to play as a supplement which nourishes the skin from within & is a great support for smooth unblemished skin. Surprised Again? Don’t be, because Ginseng with its benefits for females will keep surprising you as it is exceptionally rich in antioxidants, which have a great & beneficial role to play as an Anti-Aging formulation. Antioxidants are elements which are terrific at fighting ‘FREE RADICALS’ which damage the skin & are primarily responsible for the ageing process So being rich in Anti-Oxidants, Ginseng has an exceptional & a tremendous role to play in maintaining youthfulness, enhancing skin quality, wrinkle reduction & overall skin texture.


So now let’s dive in a little deeper. Today, there are various types of Ginseng products available in India. There is Chinese Ginseng, American Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Indian Ginseng also known as Ashwagandha, White Ginseng, Black Ginseng & Red Ginseng etc.  The list is huge & the confusion is immense. 

To compound this confusion further, these ginsengs are available from a price point starting at Rupees 300 & going up to Rupees to 3000. Furthermore some come in packs of 30’s, some in 60’s, some in 100’s and even in packs of 120 tablets or capsules. People are therefore left to fend for themselves to decide which Ginseng product to go for.


Due to excessive demand in the worldwide market for Ginseng, Chinese or American Ginseng are now largely commercialized. The commercial cultivation & harvesting of Ginseng impacts & affects the quality of Ginseng adversely. In this entire chaos, Red Korean Ginseng is the only produce, which is harvested once in 6 Years, which therefore makes it most effective, but also relatively more expensive  as it retains the core & famous properties of Ginseng to lust for.


It is important to understand that the wonderful health benefits of Ginseng come from it being a very rich source of Ginsenosides & Compound-K.  Both of these elements decide the benefits of safety, power, potency & results that the Ginseng you consume will offer to you.  Higher the number of these Ginsenosides, greater the amount of Compound-K and more the safety & efficacy of Ginseng.


Let us know more about the Korean Red Ginseng benefits. Unlike the regular & commercialized forms of other Ginsengs, every crop of Red Korean Ginseng is usually harvested once in 6 years. Therefore, the potency of Red Korean Ginseng is the highest due to the highest concentration of Ginsenosides & Compound-K, in it.  Due to a long regular harvesting period, Pure & Original Red Korean Ginseng products are substantially more expensive than Chinese, American, Panax or Indian Ginseng products or brands.

So taking into account the main & 2 key factors i.e: Ginsenosides & Compound-K, while most available Ginseng formulations like Chinese, American & other Ginseng products available in India have a Ginsenoside content range of just 4 to 18, in contrast Red Korean Ginseng has the highest amount of Ginsenosides at 38.

So going by these 2 important & core parameters, i.e. Ginsenosides & Compound-K, Red Korean Ginseng though comparatively priced higher, seems most potent, safe & effective to offer the best health Red Ginseng benefits & effectiveness that Ginseng is so popular for, the world over.


Red Korean Ginseng is also known as Red Ginseng, Korean Ginseng or Korean Red Ginseng etc which are all the same herb. Let us now explore the Red Korean Ginseng benefits for Men & Women. The benefits of Red Korean Ginseng go much beyond being just a powerhouse of arousal, vitality & stamina. It is a great product to boost the immune system too. Red Korean Ginseng benefits skin being a very powerful antioxidant and therefore has great Anti-Ageing properties as well. 

Amongst all types of GINSENGs available, Red Korean Ginseng is the richest source of ‘COMPOUND K’, which gives Ginseng great benefits for the skin while having wonderful & exceptional ‘Anti-Oxidant’ properties for overall health benefits. Because of the highest presence of Compound-K, regular use of Ginseng has been known to noticeably improve skin texture, quality & smoothness besides offering overall nourishment & wellbeing from within.

So to sum it up, RED KOREAN GINSENG benefits both men & women being a great supplement to use in the following indications:

  • Enhancing Skin Texture & Quality
  • Powerful Anti-Aging Properties
  • Boost Immune System
  • To Enhance Sexual Desire
  • Improving Overall Sexual Health & Performance
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • As A Natural Aphrodisiac
  • To Increase Sperm Count in Men
  • To Increase Overall Strength, Energy & Vitality
  • Diabetes
  • During Radiation Therapy


While Ginseng has great benefits as a wonder supplement for Skin, you must now be wondering, how to eat ginseng or consume it for best results. There are a few precautions which need to be kept in mind before starting with Ginseng. People who are on Blood Thinners or have clotting related problems, sleep disorders, heart problems should avoid its usage and consult their physician before initiating any type of Ginseng. And yes, always prefer to order VEGAN Ginseng Capsules, preferably in a pack of 60 Capsules.


How to eat Ginseng or consume Ginseng is an important query. While Red Korean Ginseng is a wonderful product for nourishing you skin in addition to improving your overall health, vitality & stamina, it generally works best with a starting dose of 2 Capsules for the first 15 days, followed by daily dose of just 1 capsule after breakfast and yes, don’t forget to take a 2 week break after every 3 months of regular intake of Red Korean Ginseng.

So go ahead & order the finest & purest, original brand of Red Korean Ginseng your powerhouse of energy, vitality & skin nourishment today.

Where to buy Korean Red Ginseng:

Now where to buy Korean Red Ginseng is an important question. Although a bit difficult to find, you can find a good 100% Original & Pure Red Korean Ginseng on online platforms like AMAZON or FLIPKART. So go ahead & order the finest & purest, original brand of Red Korean Ginseng your powerhouse of energy, vitality & skin nourishment today. To grab the offer click here

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